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Dreaming and writing makes my mind wanders.

You are the Poem

You are the song that I sing.

You are the dream that I live.

You are the star that I wonder.

You are the air that I feel.

You are the light that I see.

You are the words that I say.

You are the pillow that I hug.

You are the piano that I play.

You are the request that I wish.

You are the sunrise that I watch.

You are the strength that I have.

You are the poem that I write.


You,like a love song

I turned on the radio.

I heard that song again.

Like a love song that played in my mind.

It touched my heart and made me smile.

And you’ve just become a love song.

But recently, it stopped.

You’ve kept yourself away from me.

It turned into a sad song.

Whenever I hear that song,

It makes my tear fall.

I wish I could hear that love song again.

And I hope that I could see you once more.

-written on June 5 and posted on my other blog site-


The Admiration

He is the joy of my life.

His eyes are the light that comes from the sun.

It is his glance that could melt me.

His voice,

It is the song that I sing.

These could really make me glad.

If I lose him out my sight,

My day becomes unhappy, I look for him.

I think of him if there’s a chance.

I hope to see it again,

The rainbow that gives colors

in my small world.

If he would have known that I admire him

Maybe he will run away from me.

Happiness will become sadness.

I might lose an inspiration.

I will still keep this as a secret

The admiration I feel for you.


I will dream of you

You covered my eyes and kissed me.

You held my hands and I felt that it was a new day.

Why do I like cute things?

I can be myself whenever I am with you.

It’s as if I breathe you.

A song that plays in my ears.

It gently touches my heart

And fills my mind.

It’s like everything has magic

That someone put spells on it.

I never want to go to sleep

Without thinking about you.

When I close my eyes you’re there.

Stars are shining so bright.

I will dream of you tonight.


my sister and I in Starbucks

It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.

– Wisdom of Confucius (via demo) Via Demo
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